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What is Pella?

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Pella is an indoor version of Gaelic football, which can be played as a or five a side game, in an indoor arena or on an all weather pitch.

At the start/end of the game, each player on each team gets a kick at the scoring area to score for their team, this score worth 1 point  and is added to team score at the end of match.

How it works:


  • 1 point for a fisted score.
  • 1 point for a score kicked from inside the red arc.
  • 3 points for score kicked from outside the red arc but inside the attacking half of the court.
  • Solo and hop rule apply as in Gaelic football. It may be advisable, however, to limit this to 1 solo and 1 hop.
  • You cannot score from your own half.
  • If the ball hits the wall or any part of the roof the team who last played it lose possession and the opposition restarts.


  • The game is restarted either by a hand pass or a kick, to be taken from outside side lines or end lines.
  • Following a foul, the defender may stand on the ‘mark’ where the foul was committed. The free taker steps back as far as desired, but must move the ball inside 10 seconds. Scores direct from frees are allowed if the offence was committed inside the attacking half.
  • Game starts with a throw up at half way line between one player from each team. The games consist of two 10 minute periods.


  • You must tackle the ball.
  • You cannot tackle with your shoulder or barge with your shoulder.
  • In the case of the pick- up, you cannot tackle the person or ball when your opponent is addressing the ball on the way down.
  • However you can tackle the ball when the person is on their way up.
  • Player cannot be tackled in the air or into the wall.


  • The player coming off must make hand to hand contact with the incoming player on the sideline – infringement means opposition ball.

Team Tournament Rules

  • Aggregate scoring applies. The top 2 teams on aggregate play in the final. In the event of a tie, 5 players from each team take shots at goal and the winner goes on to the final. If the teams are still level they continue in a ‘sudden death’ shoot-out until a winner emerges.
  • Before the first game is played every member of every team gets a kick at goal from outside the red arc. Each successful kick counts as 1 point. This score is added to the team score at the end of the tournament.

Benefits of Pella

  • This can become part of the Physical Education Curriculum for the new Junior Cycle.
  • Physical Game
  • Cultural Aspect
  • Rules
  • Fitness & Health

Other Benefits

  • It allows GAA facilities to have its own indoor game that facilitates recreational 5 a side games.
  • Revenue stream for clubs.
  • The portability of the goals.
  • The game can be used as a fun coaching tool, where games can be conditioned in accordance to the skills the coach wants to emphasise.
  • Hurling game in development stage – See Puc Pella