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Puc Pella

puc-pella-indoorPucpella is 5 a side indoor hurling, played using the specially designed ‘Pella’ goals and 24inch hurleys with a rubber ‘Bas’. It is an all-action game where play only stops after a score or when a free is being taken. Unlike ‘Pella’ the walls are in play and players have to learn to react to the rebounds and sudden changes of direction that this allows. It has been endorsed by Paudie Butler, National Hurling Coaching Officer and a man who has been given a lot of credit for the resurgence in the fortunes of current All-Ireland Hurling Champions, Clare. Just as importantly it is a very enjoyable way of keeping fit and keeping your hurling skills sharp in the closed season and has been a big hit in the famed hurling stronghold of Rathnure St. Anne’s GAA club in Wexford. Check out our Pucpella video.

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